[Bounty] Wownero Voting System

Posted on 2019-04-05 by wowario
Status: Seeking community approval
Target: 10000.0 WOW ➞ 105.09 USD


Not everyone uses Twitter or Github

How much?

10,000 WOW


The Wownero Voting System (WVS) can be a way for the community to voice support for development choices, like the naming of releases, changing proof of work, selecting fork dates, ring size, or engaging in fun polls, like who is the most hated villain of monero world.

How it would work

  • User creates a proposal
  • Enters a question as the title
  • There will be 3 outcome fields to enter responses to the question
  • Enters poll closing date

When proposal is submitted, an addresses is generated for each outcome. To vote, people can send wow to whichever outcome they support until the closing date, from which point the outcome with the most funds is declared the winner. All raised funds are donated to the general dev fund.

Developer can fork WFS or make system from scratch.


Finished WVS online and code uploaded to Github - 10,000 wow


Online voting system

Why you?

This is an open bounty for anyone with coding skills. DM wowario on IRC freenode #wownero

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