Wownero Forum For Memes

Posted on 2020-06-22 by asymptotically
Status: Disabled
Target: 4246.0 WOW

This proposal is disabled.


Shibes need a place to call home. A private island would be nice but a forum is a nice middle ground. Also 9/10 shibes agree that Reddit sucks!!1!

How much?

  • 2 years of Scaleway's cheapest offering: €71.76
  • A few hours of my time, some doge tranquiliser and danger pay: €50

Given the current exchange rate of €1 = 31.7 WOW, plus 10% to cover volatility:

121.76 * 31.7 * 1.1 = 4245.7712


A Discourse forum hosted at, as a totally community run alternative to Leddit. It can use the new Wownero SSO service which will make chief authentication engineer dsc very happy. We can also spam it with memes and nobody will complain. Finally, it can function as a mailing list for announcements and releases (not that shibes can read anyway).


Milestone 1

Half of the WOW (2123 WOW) paid out to cover very exclusive developer time and first year of server costs. To be paid out after the site is online, working, and ready to be filled up with memes.

Milestone 2

Remaining half of the WOW to be paid out 1 year after the site has launched.


  1. An area to discuss serious business (release announcements, newshibes asking for help, etc.)
  2. A dumping ground for dank me mes.

Why you?

i wasted much of my life browsing and shitposting on forums, also i have attached an image of my sleeping doggo


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thank you whale!
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