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Posted on 2020-07-29 by zen
Status: Disabled
Target: 3000.0 WOW

This proposal is disabled.

update: thanks to everybody who funded this, 30 days campaign starts right meow! (4 august)


/biz/ doesnt know about wownero man, and it should!

How much?

3000 WOW, will post for 30 days: estimated time is 30 hours in total, most of the time will be spent creating dank wownero pictures and switching ip's


spread the gospel of wownero using /biz/, with a new bullrun coming up alot of new crypto ppl will turn there for the next big thang.


On the daily:

Create fresh wownero pictures Post on /biz/ Making sure it gets some bumps so it will remain visible


/biz/ will know about wownero man, thats good.

Why you?

I have been browsing /biz/ for years and somehow I can't seem to stop, I know their lingo.

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