Wownero logo on legal graffiti wall

Posted on 2020-07-29 by zen
Status: Disabled
Target: 1000.0 WOW ➞ 15.7 USD

This proposal is disabled.

update: thanks to the funders, going to paint tomorrow and will post the picture, in case there are any requests please let me know in the comments!


Get Wownero out there, also get a nice picture

How much?

1000 wow for paint


I will paint the wownero logo on a wall, its 2 meters high and 5 meters wide: will include a QR code or url mentioning the website.


1 go paint

2 take picture (in case a dog walks by I will ask dog to pose in front of the wall)

3 smoke spliff


For a unknown time (everybody can paint this wall) the wownero logo will be there for everybody to see

Picture of the wall

Why you?

I have been painting for awhile.

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zen [op] 2020-08-27 13:19 reply
dsc [admin] 2020-07-29 08:23 I can vouch for zen, he a tr00 artist reply
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