Free Geo-distributed Remote Nodes

Posted on 2020-08-03 by asymptotically
Status: Disabled
Target: 5700.0 WOW

This proposal is disabled.


Noobs don't want to download a daemon and wait an hour for the blockchain to sync, they just want to download a wallet and forget about the creeptocurrency magic. We need a reliable network of remote nodes so that people can get started quickly without having to join IRC/Telescam to ask what "cannot reach node try again later" means.

How much?

  • 1 domain = $10/year
  • 1 zone + 1 million queries with Constellix (GeoDNS provider) = 1x $5.91/month = $70.92/year
  • 3 virtual servers = 3x $5/month = $180/year
  • A few hours of my time, danger pay, etc. = $50

Using the current price (which is also the all time high...) of Wownero which is currently 1 WOW = $0.06, the total is 5182 WOW. Add WFS 10% to cover volatility, bribes, etc. and it comes to 5700 WOW.


Geo-distributed remote nodes for people to connect their wallets to. One on the US west coast, one in central Europe, and another in Austr-alien-a. GeoDNS server will direct users to the nearest node so that they can have the lowest latency and fastest sync times, wow! such modern! Stupid simple for users to use, and also suitable to use as a default in any light wallet softwares.


100% to be paid after all nodes are up and running, and after any tools used for deployment (like Ansible playbooks) are posted to WowGit! so that the setup can be repeated.


  • super duper fast nodes for maximum wallet syncage
  • scripts for people to set up their own distributed node network if i get hit by a bus

Why you?

i like servers

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asymptotically [op] 2020-08-04 18:24 Ansible playbook if you want to copy. Still requires a bit of tidying reply
asymptotically [op] 2020-08-04 18:13 Done!
Tidying up the ansible playbook now.
dsc [admin] 2020-08-04 15:13 Donated some of my hard earned WOW! With pride! reply
asymptotically [op] 2020-08-04 14:54 thanks zen, will message you on irc.
also holy shit thanks for the funding, whales.
zen 2020-08-04 14:32 I got some cloudatcost servers to spare: let me know if that might help you out reply
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wowario [admin] 2020-10-23 05:50 Moved to status "Disabled".
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