Wownero Remote Nodes With Dns

Posted on 2020-08-08 by p3rl
Status: Disabled
Target: 5500.0 WOW ➞ 86.22 USD

This proposal is disabled.


I will resolve the problem for n00b / newbie they don't need to download blockchain, no need to sync for 10000's years, i will make wownero remode node with geodns service.

How much?

  1. 1 GB of Ram USA server from #RamNode which is like $5/m [ YEARLY -> ( 5*12 ) = $60 ]
  2. 1 GB of Ram EUROPE server from #HostSailors is like 7$/m [ YEARLY -> (7*12 ) = $84 ]
  3. 1 GB of Ram Asia server from #BitHost of #DigitalOcean Reseller is like 8$/m [ YEARLY -> (8*12) = $96 ]
  4. 1 Domain from which is like 30 Euro (.pw or . dev) extention i will choose ( OR ) any of them if you guys say YES for aproval ( $41.26 )
  5. For my hard work i will charge 50$ only sed :(
  6. For automate bash script 10$ additional :D
  7. For Dns service i will use Cloudflare which is free, using for my own business never face any isssue.
  8. The total amount in USD is ( 60 + 84 + 96 + 42 + 50 + 10 ) = $342
  9. 200 Extra wows for price adjusment + converstion tax & transaction tax


I will make wownero remote node that will help to people who do not have good internet speed to sync to the blockchain, the wownero node will connect to wallet and it will be synced from the server time , so this will not waste the wowiers such time :D with geo dns service to automate locate the client location and will provide him best ping node.


100% to be paid after all nodes are up and running


super duper fast nodes for maximum wallet syncage also i will make a bash script with detailed , if somebody wants to make their own node just ./wownode and thats it i will not provide any ansible playbook :D

Why you?

i like to work on black terminals :D i am using servers since 10 years+

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wowario [admin] 2020-10-23 05:48 No follow up. Closing for now. reply
wowario [admin] 2020-08-14 23:26 is this still needed since we already have geo-distributed remote nodes? reply
wowario [admin] 2020-10-23 05:48 Moved to status "Disabled".