Wownero Web Wallet

Posted on 2020-08-18 by lza_menace
Status: Disabled
Target: 6640.0 WOW ➞ 104.45 USD

This proposal is disabled.


We could use a web interface where noobs can manage their funds. A lot of people are not very technical and have a hard time downloading binaries and navigating the command line interface, let alone installing dependencies and compiling from source.

They're scrubs and we can poke fun at them all day still, but would be good to give them a way to at least get started.


I'd like to build a custodial web wallet application where people can sign-up and have an interface to send/receive funds and view balances. I've chosen to make this wallet custodial for a few reasons:

  1. There are already perfectly good wallets that people have put time into that are non-custodial (users hold their seed).
  2. It's a larger time commitment to make robust non-custodial web wallet.
  3. The IRC boys said I should.

How much?

For this being a bullshit, meme crypto, I am doing this mostly for fun and to learn.

Asking for $5/hour and 60 hours to develop the code; $300 for development. (4440 WOW)

I will host it as a service, maintain it, make adjustments, and try my best to provide support (probably IRC and email). I pay about $6/month for hosting; $150 to host for 1 year and best-effort support. (2200 WOW)

Wownero is currently 561 sats ($0.06758) at the time of drafting this WFS.


M1: Development - 20-60 days - 4400 WOW M2: 1 Year of Hosting and support - 7 days (pending development) - 2200 WOW

I have no objections to breaking out milestone 2 into 12 different payouts for the year, but I'm not typing all that :)


Here are the highlights of technical deliverables: * Open source (MIT) * Code on Wownero Git (Gitea) * Python code * Flask framework * PostgreSQL backend * Email based authentication w/ 2FA required * Hosted as a service available to the public for 1 year * Backups of the database for 1 year * Best-effort support for 1 year

Why you?

I'm a pretty cool cat (I think). I like to code, get drunk and high, stay up late, look at memes, and hang out and bullshit on IRC. I think Monero is super cool, but I think Wownero is even cooler. I've done some other projects in the ecosystem:

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lza_menace [op] 2020-09-28 00:13 I did it. App here:
Code is here:
asymptotically 2020-08-19 08:57 wow! take custody of all my coins reply
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