Create a Discord Bot for tracking Wownero price

Posted on 2021-04-21 by nyundefined
Status: Disabled
Target: 1069.0 WOW

This proposal is disabled.


With this custom Wownero discord bot community will have the oportunity to expand via discord and have the lastest info natively in the program. Such fast. Much fun!

How much?

It will take me around 15-20h of coding to achieve this. Then it should be hosted in a web server.


A Wownerobot could search current price, market cap, volume etc instantly in any discord server.

Minimum commands: !price : show Wownero price and change (last 24h, last 7d, last 1m) !volume : show Wownero volume !marketcap : show Wownero marketcap !tellmewow : show all Wownero price info together (above) !wow : Random encouraging quote about wownero


1st week - Wownerobot is developed and tested in private enviroment. 2nd week - Wownero bot launches to public in beta mode and tested in any discord server. 3rd week - Fixes and v1 ready to launch


Source code will be public, it will be hosted by me for a year (IDK if community has servers for this kind of projects). The bot will be free for use in any discord server for all.

Why you?

I'm a experienced web programmer with 5 years in the industry. I'm also a crypto lover who loves coding. Nyu!

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wowario [admin] 2021-04-21 23:37 Thanks for the proposal, but this is not needed. Besides only 3 people using Discord, it is currently possible to get market information with ".cg WOW" command. reply
dsc [admin] 2021-04-21 21:45 Thanks for the proposal! I think that I could probably code this in a hour. It's basically a cURL from a coingecko API and hooking it up to Discord's Python SDK. As such, I think the asking amount is a bit too excessive. reply
dsc [admin] 2021-04-22 06:06 That's fair enough. Please do stick around and find something to work on, ill contribute happily to useful thingies :)
nyundefined [op] 2021-04-22 02:29 I've only done 1 discord bot without APi cURL and it tooks me several hours, BTW i can't change the ammount needed, it was like 600-700 usd when I posted, wow :D
wowario [admin] 2021-04-22 15:18 Moved to status "Disabled".