Wownero-themed Minetest Mod [WIP]

Posted on 2021-05-15 by minerchord
Status: Completed


1) Because having a Wownero themed mod would be hilarious and fun. 2) A Wownero mod would produce interest/awareness in the Minetest community. The Minetest community is already interested in independence and open source solutions, so an fun new mod tied to a fun digital currency should be well received.

How much?

I'm asking for 500 WOW because, to make a top-quality mod, I'll need to enlist some help from experienced modders.


First, for those who don't know, Minetest is an open-source voxel engine used to produce Minecraft-like games. One of the most popular is Mineclone2, which aspires to be a close imitation of vanilla Minecraft. Minetest, unlike Minecraft, natively supports mods (written in Lua), has a build-height of 60,000 blocks, and is free and open-source.

List of proposed features (subject to improvement)
  • Mining with special pickaxe provides small chance of dropping wownero coins
  • Wownero ore block (drops coins)
  • Coins can be used as fuel (Why? Because it's stupid)
  • Coins can be baked into cookies that provide the player with potion-like effects
  • Shop chests/nodes for vending machines
  • Wownero meme posters/banners
  • Some kind of node/sign that displays players' real wownero address for donations of real WOW (Integrating wallet functions for real payments in-game would be cool, but super-sketchy security-wise, so we're not doing that--just providing a dedicated location for wallet addresses so players can tip each other with real WOW.)


The final mod will be published on github, the official minetest forum, and cross-posted on the wownero, minetest, and other subreddits.

Why you?

I love Wownero and Minetest. I've made a couple terrible mods. More importantly, I've contacted an experienced Minetest modder, and plan to pay him out of the funding proceeds to help write the mod.

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qvqc [admin] 2021-06-23 02:35 500wow sent to minerchord reply
minerchord [op] 2021-06-28 15:28 Progress will be posted on this thread, unless a better place be discovered
qvqc [admin] 2021-05-31 12:26 sounds like a cool project, come join us on irc :) reply
minerchord [op] 2021-06-04 10:02 Thanks! I'm looking forward to putting it together.
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