WOW themed Meme Con | WowCon 1.0

Posted on 2021-05-16 by eniamza
Status: Disabled
Target: 2021.0 WOW ➞ 31.77 USD

This proposal is disabled.


A strong financial system is based on its community. With that in mind, Team Enian is planning to organize a WOW themed Meme Con or "WowCon 1.0" within our existing community and beyond; such as, LBRY Foundation, Nomics Community and so on!


How much?

We are at least targeting 2000 WOW for a successful Contest. Expenses will include:

  • Prize: The prize will be devided among top 3 Rank holders. Distribution ratio is, 500-300-200 WOW.
  • Marketing Reach: We will be creating Hype and launch marketing campaigns to gain traction and more participation in the Meme Con. This phase will include airdrops, collaborations with media influencers on decentralized platforms such as, Odysee. (Our past collabs were successful and we look forward to re use the methods), Media hype in social platforms such as facebook and twitter through "earn it" campaigns.
  • Team Rewards: The rest will go to team for their efforts and creative ideas.


Meme Con will accept submissions through google forms with their Discord Identifier / Social media link and mail to keep things straight. Every submitted meme will be shortlisted on the basis of the Wownero theme and NSFW filtered After picking submittable memes, They will be listed for voting on google forms, Thus we are not limited to the amount of voter participations. Each vote will require a gmail to be logged in thus filtering out most of the spam votes. Each memers are allowed to call in their friends, family and dogs to vote for their memes which will spread the Word "WOW"


  • Launch of the registration phase
  • Reaching creators to spread the word of "WowCon 1.0"
  • Pickup latest trend memes linked with registration instructions to gain traction
  • Short listings of Memes
  • Listing Handpicked Memes
  • Launch of the Voting phase
  • Counting Votes and making it completely transparent
  • Announcing the Winner


This MemCon named as "WowCon" will reach newer audiences and unite the huge community of memers and bring them to Wow network. Winners and participants will have to gain knowledge of Wow to make Wow themed memes this will help to spread the Wow Finance more clearly and make the community active.

Why you?

I, Eniamza, am mostly known as a memer around the virtual world. Currently an event organiser in Odysee eco-system. We successfully organised 7 Standalone contests focusing on , Doodle arts, Minecraft, Digital arts, Memes and so on.

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