Paper wallet printable design [Help Needed]

Posted on 2021-05-18 by cog300
Status: WIP / Help needed

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edit: OP has not replied, so this proposal is open for anyone else to take it up. Comment below or join us on OFTC #wownero


I think paper wallets are awesome but they can be made so much cooler with a nice printout.

How much?

The cost is 70 WOW, it will take me around 3 or 4 hours and at $10 an hour, around 70 WOW is my goal. This project isn't super hard and a lot of people can do it, so even if the goal isn't reached I'll definitely still put a nice wallet design out.


I want to design a paper wallet for people to print out and write their seed phrase on. This way they can look cool while hodling the best coin there is. I'm basically designing one of these,, but with Wownero art.


I will have a high quality pdf sent out as well as the Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) I used so people can improve upon it or change it as the please.


This shouldn't take more than a week. Donate whenever.

Why you?

I have enough graphic design skills to put something cool out there. I worked on the yearbook designs for my highschool.

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wowitsetvin 2021-09-19 22:28 Here is what I've got,
A "good" inside image:
a "good" outside image
a fun draft outside alternative image.
Easy and fun to do, I consider all of these "drafts" as is. If there is a lot of interest, I could edit all of the eyes in the image so they are all looking at the coin in the center. I could also add other bits and bobs that I dont have enough motivation to do now. Interest tends to motivate me so tell me what you think.
I really like the inside image and dont know how much better I can get. I had an idea to make each one of the words a tooth, but that didnt work out so well considering there are 25 words.
wowitsetvin 2021-09-19 19:40 Im just here poking around, looking at this project and made an account just to comment. I was already going to do something like this but now feel inspired to do so sooner now than later.
I've been very uninspired for a very long time - I dont want the money I want to create something that someone else will enjoy. I will still take the money, you know, for the free market of it all.
Give me a few hours, I will complete this.
azy 2021-05-24 10:23 make something good and you'll definitely get tipped 70+ wows reply
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