wowitsetvin 2021-11-20 16:09
I can do better though and I will. You should have told me what a dipshit I was that wownero does not even have 25 seed words, clearly I was checked out. I just made a wallet, well I already knew I was stupid but its hard to see just how much. I will make a WoWlet print out for the wowlet wallet. It will have instructions for nocoiners on what the fuck key words are instead of "wallet infos" since nocoiners wont be using the keys as much as moneras used to years ago. It will be something you can print out and hand to the local population and it will explain how to use crypto. When will trezor t support work for wowlet? thanks for your time and putting up with me. I will get this completed to the best of my abilites by the end of the year. Please consider readjusting the reward?

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