WOWnero FPS game [Work in progress!]

Posted on 2021-06-14 by _xxfedexx_
Status: Disabled
Target: 250.0 WOW ➞ 3.92 USD

This proposal is disabled.


I am currently creating a WOW-themed FPS raycasted videogame.


Because Wownero-themed multiplayer game would be fun. The game would create awareness and interest in Wownero over indie gamers, and maybe a lot of them would start using WOW.

How much?

I spent around 25 hours on it, and i think it'll be done in other 40-50 (development) hours. So 250 WOW is pretty a fair price for me. It will be free and open-source, licensed under MIT.


subject to change

  • Base graphics engine
  • Networking
  • Making the game playable
  • Adding sounds
  • Adding a lot of memes in the game
  • Allowing player to choose from different skins (probably)
  • Making the server moddable with LUA (maybe)
  • Distributing the game


The game will have an old-school look, a fast and fun gameplay and a lot of memes. The game, and its source code, will be released on

Why you?

Because i already have some experiences in videogames-making world, and I love WOW.

What's it going to be called?

You decide the name! Comment to vote! Some ideas I have: (I am not good with names! If you have any idea about a better name, send it!) * Wow Skillz * Such game. Much wow. * Defeating Bitcoin * Fighting memes * The battle of cryptovalutes

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wowario [admin] 2021-07-21 06:45 No reply from OP. Moving to archive. reply
wowario [admin] 2021-06-22 04:46 Can you provide some links of other games you've made? reply
_xxfedexx_ [op] 2021-06-22 13:33 Sure! I didn't publish most of my stuff, but here it is:
And i worked a little on .
This is an unfinished project: .
If you want to make sure PadvaGames is my GameJolt account, then look at this:
These are some screenshot of my work so far: (The title is 'Raycasted Multiplayer' because I still need to choose a good name).
lza_menace 2021-06-17 01:13 bro, it's been 2 days. we're all busy with shit, leave it be and we'll check it when we can reply
_xxfedexx_ [op] 2021-06-21 08:12 Since I don't have much work this week, I am working on it again.
_xxfedexx_ [op] 2021-06-17 09:51 I am busy too, i have a lot to do this week. I will decide the next week what to do.
wowario [admin] 2021-07-21 06:45 Moved to status "Disabled".