Full Time Wownero Worker

Posted on 2021-12-07 by azy
Status: Seeking funding

Target 6969.0 WOW
Funded 100.0 %
10 individual contributions Details...

6972.0 WOW Raised (3.0 WOW past goal!)

0 WOW Paid out (0.0%)

6972.0 WOW Available for payout :-)

Donation address:


Do you know how nice it would be to be paid to work on my wownero projects wownero.fyi and iacceptwownero.com? Super nice, I imagine. Wownero will surely moon as a result of my efforts, and then monero too as my projects are mirrored across the two coins! consider it an investment for your and your children's future

How much?

$42.0 a day, 28 gays of full time wowrk but readjusted from 7350 to 6969.420 wow to account for me slacking off and generally disappointing ye


make wownero.fyi sicc (and xmr.fyi/monero.fyi too as a result), launch first proper usable-enough permenant version of iacceptwownero/monero.com.



network stats from crawling the network, better map, automatically populated list of good public nodes

cute blockchain stats

sexy block explorer integration

ai cherry picked propaganda stats to make us look amazing 24/7


ability to quickly list stuff for wow or pegged to multiple currencies, accounts/webshops


.fyi will be sexy as fuck. fast, static, css only. good stats, graphs, cute block explorer ability, replacing that awful embedded javascript map for some minimal css ART with up to date network info

iacceptwownero/monero.com enough functionality for proper use and maintenance

Why you?

im entitled because ive been here a long time #boomertek

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