Open-source Wownero Faucet

Posted on 2021-12-26 by _xxfedexx_
Status: Seeking community approval
Target: 1337.0 WOW ➞ 136.26 USD


More people would be attracted by Wownero if it had a non-profit, open-source and reliable faucet.

How much?

Wownero is around $0.14 at the moment. I estimate at least 10 hours of work for this


A faucet with a main address for donations. Donations go to the faucet's balance, and every time one completes the faucet, he receives a part of the balance, clamped between a minimum and a maximum value.


  • Coding the actual faucet: 1000 wow
  • Take necessary steps to avoid repeated actions by bots: 337 wow


Wownero will have its non-profit faucet, to give peeps small amounts of WOW so they can tip memes.

Why you?

I developed , as well as and the defunct WowBux 2.

What about bots and automated faucet submitting?

This is the biggest issue with a faucet. Protecting from bots can be hard, especially when privacy is paramount. I currently have some ideas:

  • Requiring calculation of hashes before submitting faucet (pretty similar to cryptomining)
  • Using hCaptcha for captchas
  • Using self-hosted captcha (not as strong as hCaptcha)
  • Using ReCaptcha (This is very bad for privacy)
  • Requiring a Wownero account, using oAuth
  • Requiring a Google account, using oAuth (This is very bad for privacy)

Feel free to suggest more or to criticize some of these ideas.

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supdood 2021-12-31 11:56 Seems like OAuth(authy app?) would be a simple solution that primes users for basic 2fa.
Kinda like a non KYC exchange we all love and use.