Meme site not related to wownero

Posted on 2022-06-07 by _xxfedexx_
Status: Completed


Wownero's main usecase is tipping memes on SuchWow is only for Wownero-related memes. A meme site similar to SuchWow where you can tip and get tipped with WOW to make memes unrelated to wownero may increase the spread of wownero.

How much?

Wownero: ~$0.067 at the time of writing 420.1337 wow are ~$90. This is enough to cover hosting for a while.


This will deliver an open-source site very similar to SuchWow but: - not using wownero login system - less bugs (suchwow often throws "5xx" errors) - coded using node.js instead of python (snakes eat too much memory and get angry if you indent them wrongly) - uploaded memes are auto resized and encoded with modern standards so that you do not need to wait two hours for a 69420x1337px meme to load

Why you?

why not me? 😎

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