[Bounty] Fix "Known ring does not include the spent output" error and rebase

Posted on 2022-12-20 by jw
Status: Seeking funding

Target 15000.0 WOW
Funded 204.0 %
28 individual contributions Details...

30537.23 WOW Raised (15537.229768212153 WOW past goal!)

0 WOW Paid out (0.0%)

30537.23 WOW Available for payout :-)

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Fix the following errors:

"Transaction sanity check failed" and sending fails with "Known ring does not include the spent output: xxxxxxx"

And rebase the Wownero codebase to recent Monero codebase. The above errors seem to be becoming bigger issue for exchanges and miners, so need to fix them and might as well update.

How much?

15000 WOW


See Why?


Community testing and peer review of a ready-to-release updated fork of Wownero can be submitted by anyone


After community approval the bounty will be paid out to aforementioned anyone

Why you?

What skills and experience do you have? None, this is why we need this bounty.

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