Such jokes, So frontend

Posted on 2018-06-27 by pazos
Status: Disabled
Target: 12345678987.0 WOW ➞ 595776541.99 USD

This proposal is disabled.

Hi, I'm building SuchWallet, a wallet for WOW, monero and other cryptonote coins. Don't worry. The wallet will be full of bugs and I promise I will do the best I can to keep wownero as useless as is.

You can keep the track of the wallet (before releasing the source) on wownero/meta

Besides normal wallet function (which is going to be based on wallet-rpc) I plan to add stupid/joke/unsecure behaviour to it. I added garytheasshole quotes as a first example but I will add more.

  • Add a cli manager on the gui (because WOW) -> 12345 WOWNEROS
  • Add a qr generator which lets you embed a shit image on the center of the qr -> 67123 WOWNEROS
  • Add a random crash generator (which fakes a crash but in fact crashes de Wallet) -> 456 WOWNEROS
  • Add a piano emulator -> 78901 WOWNEROS
  • Add a terminal emulator -> 12345678 WOWNEROS
  • Add a irc client -> 901234567 WOWNEROS
  • Add a tea timer -> 23456 WOWNEROS

I'm willing to do other (stupid) things too, but I'm short of ideas. This is not a place to talk about serious GUI functions. Please go to the GUI funding proposal for that.


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wowario [admin] 2018-09-03 23:51 pazos has been MIA for a couple months, so I'll archive this proposal for now. He is more than welcomed to revive the proposal if he ever comes back to the WOW side. reply
jw [admin] 2018-08-18 19:14 Just as a point of order, the IRC client requires more WOWs than will ever exist (because muh hardcap). reply
Mochi101 2018-07-10 12:38 Interesting project. I wish you well. May you be guided by the bright lights! reply
CryptoKnight 2018-07-04 23:17 I like how small this coin is. It means I can actually do something. No coding knowledge worth noting but otherwise pretty tech savvy. Pretty dope with networking. reply
dsc [admin] 2018-07-05 17:56 Pay the community a visit on IRC... #wownero :)
wowario [admin] 2020-10-23 05:54 Moved to status "Disabled".
wowario [admin] 2018-09-03 23:51 Moved to status "Completed".