The Wownero Funding System maintains standardized rules for proposal submission. Please read the following disclaimer carefully before submitting yours.

WFS length

Tasks should be capable of being completed within 90 days of the proposal reaching the target funding unless the proposal is a bounty.

Having indefinite, open-ended tasks could lead to mission creep and expanded completion time, which is not ideal because the value of WOW could become volatile.

Measurable Outcome(s)

Proposals should have an objectively measurable outcome, not aspirational.

A WFS should make the Wownero network stronger, raising liquidity, or attracting more developers/community members.

Estimated costs

Proposals should break down estimated costs per item and number of hours for labor per task.

The costs should be comparable to the fair market value at the time the proposal is made. The exchange rates are based on the prevailing price of WOW and BTC on TradeOgre and CoinMarketCap.

A 10% premium above costs may be added to take into account of volatility.

Unwanted marketing

A donation address should not be included in the proposal that would bypass the WFS mechanism.


If a proposal is partially completed by one developer that subsequentlay abandons the project, another developer can take up any outstanding milestones. Developers will be compensated in proportion with the work that has been completed. A proposal is considered abandoned if the developer is MIA for more than 60 days.


A proposal can begin before it's fully funded.

Early payouts

Developers can be paid for completed milestones before a proposal is fully funded.

Failed to raise funds

If a proposal has not been fully funded within 60 days, the proposal may be cancelled and any amount raised automatically transferred to the general development fund. However, if a developer has taken on a milestone, the proposal may remain open unless it is later considered abandoned.


Minor amendments may be made to proposals as long it is within the general spirit of the original proposal. However, for major changes, the developer should bring up the proposed change on IRC and open a meta issue. There should be a rough consensus for accepting major changes to proposals.


Before a proposal is moved to 'Seeking Funding' status, an administrator will review the proposal to ensure it is sufficiently detailed and it meets the basic requirements of the WFS Rules. An administrator may ask the developer to clarify ideas or break up tasks into multiple milestones.


Any software funded by WFS will be open sourced under a MIT license authored by the Wownero Project.